Australian grown

easy grip bottles

cholesterol free

low in saturated fat



The majority of the worlds Canola oil is produced from GM seeds with no thought given to quality, traceability or sustainability. Purist Australian Canola Oil is produced using only the finest quality NON GM canola seed Australia has to offer. Compared to other vegetable oils, Canola Oil has a number of cooking and health benefits:

• Zero trans fat means No Cholesterol

• High in Vitamin E

• Rich in two polyunsaturated fatty acids

• ALA is an essential omega 3 fatty acid which assists heart health

• LA is an essential omega 6 fatty acid which aids brain development

• Almost neutral flavour and high smoke point makes it ideal for a number of food applications such as frying, salad dressing and baking.



lines Offered


2L handled bottle

Secure handle offers stable pouring.


2L tall easy grip bottle

Easy grip tall bottle is convenient for storage.




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